Mastic Vinyl Siding



MASTIC Vinyl Siding is rigorously tested again and again for performance and durability. With over 35 different colors, numerous thicknesses, and styles, MASTIC is sure to have that perfect siding you need to complete your project. With a Limited Lifetime Warranty , as well as warranties against fading, hail, and other events, you can be sure your investment is protected with Mastic.

Women’s Day Remodeling & Makeovers Magazine honored Structure® with a 2008 Remodeling and Makeover Award for its energy-efficient design. And top-of-the-line energy efficiency is just the beginning. Structure boasts classic style, a 190 mph wind rating and reduces outside noise levels by up to 30 percent.



Easy on The Eyes, Easy on Labor

The structure is a premium insulated siding bonded with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. It delivers superior strength, style and performance in a wide-style clapboard look.​Low-maintenance siding from Mastic has been the professionals’ choice for generations of builders, remodelers and homeowners.

Mastic products have the beauty of freshly painted or stained wood, and they are built to last and last. They’re beautiful, durable and easy to maintain – which means you’ll spend more time enjoying your home and less time working on it.

Many of us are looking for ways to live more sustainably. We want cars that use less fuel, household products that don’t waste resources with needless packaging, and food that hasn’t traveled thousands of miles to reach us.

Green building is also a vital component of sustainability—one that can help reduce the environmental impact of your home and contribute to the long-term health of our planet. With manufacturers who are committed to using fewer resources, builders who work to reduce waste, and products that offer durability and improve energy efficiency, it’s easy to keep your construction project in-sync with your sustainability goals.

An In-Depth Look at Mastic Vinyl