James Hardie Siding

Great Looking and Almost Fireproof

James Hardie is a pioneer and leader in fiber cement products, ensuring long lasting satisfaction. This brand offers durable siding and prevents cracking and damages. In St. Louis, we experience temperature variations which may concern you. With these products, you can feel safe from both hail damage & excessive heat. Every material in our region is graded an H25 product by the company. Basically, this means is is manufactuered specifically for these temperature variations.

The design of James Hardie siding is to give a look and feel of wood texture. The planks are created through a grinding with sand and water, and pressure tested before they are shipped out. We have over 15 years of working with this brand. We can consult you the best recommendation and price. Consider Green Home Remodeling to build your insurance friendly, energy efficient, beautiful siding. Below are best options.

See what we mean by fireproof.

HardiePlank® Lap Siding

Low Maintenance

With its strength, beauty and durability, HardiePlank® enhances and protects homes in all kinds of climates—and now, with the HardieZone™ System, James Hardie provides siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. James Hardie now gives you the optimum siding for your home and climate, regardless of location.

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HardieTrim® Boards

Great Design Possibility

Our fiber cement trim and fascia add the finishing touches to a beautiful, lasting James Hardie home, and are all engineered for climate, so you get the right product for your home no matter how harsh the weather is where you live. HardieTrim® boards provide unmatched durability and allow you to create a variety of design possibilities for trim, gables, corners, fascia, windows, doors, column wraps, rakes, friezes, decorative trim and other non-structural architectural elements. HardieTrim boards come with a 15-year transferable, limited warranty.

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HardieWrap™/ Weather Barrier

Preventing Moisture

HardieWrap™ weather barrier is an innovative, higher performing weather barrier that is engineered for climate so you get the right wrap as the second line of defense for your home, no matter where your home is located. From James Hardie, maker of America’s #1 brand of siding. HardieWrap weather barrier provides a balance of water resistance and breathability, allowing moisture (water vapor) from inside your building to escape so the area within the wall stays dry.

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Yes, it’s That Strong

Some extra considerations on the toughness and insurance benefit this brand carries. See these examples of siding being set on Fire, and how they hold up.

Pretty much under 5 minutes, James Hardie siding’s fire went out by itself. Compare this to the wood siding, which was completely ruined. The vinyl siding already had a hole in it. The damage was made in less than two minutes, see for yourself!